Lamborghini Miura

Chassis Number: 4155
Engine: Original matching numbers V-12 engine and driveline


Iso Grifo A3/C

Chassis Number: B-0216
Color: Mela Verde (apple green)


Ferrari 250 GT / Lusso

Chassis and engine number: 4735 GT
Color : Pino verde over beige


1961 E-type Jaguar SI 3.8L convertible flat floors

Chassis number : 875232
Engine R 1357-9


Land Rover Series II A 4x4

Chassis number: 32300558D
Engine: 2,286cc, 62 bhp diesel engine option


Land Rover Serie III

Year of manufacture: 1975
Series number: 90422383A/78


Ducati 900 SS

Chassis number: 091260
Engine number: 093816


Fiat 600 Multipla

Chassis Number: 100 108 008524
Color: Blue and Ivory


Fiat 500L

Chassis Number: 6086164
Color: yellow


Bentley S3 Continental

Chassis number: B 236 CN
Engine number: BCN 118


Porsche 356 Pre-A 1600 Speedster

Chassis Number: 80058
Color: Dark grey over a tobacco interior


Porsche 356 Pre-A 1600 Speedster


Even if Ferdinand Porsche created his car brand in the 30’s, we had to wait 19 years to finally discover his first car and it was worth the wait. In the 50’s, Porsche introduced the 356 model, and soon became one of the best sport car of all time. The model was built from 1948 to 1965.

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Initially produced as a coupé and a cabriolet, it was in 1954 that the Speedster appeared. Max Hoffmann, US Porsche importer, suggested to Porsche that a lighter, faster and less expensive car (compared to the UK competitors) would do very well in the US. The Speedster featured a more aggressive windshield, racing style bucket seats and a light folding convertible top. The car was stripped down to a more sportive body style. This version became an instant classic, very successful in the American market, especially in California. Even Hoffman could not have foreseen the huge demand.


  • Year of manufacture: 1954
  • Chassis Number: 80058
  • Color: Dark grey over a tobacco interior
  • Engine: 33712
  • The 58th Speedster constructed.
  • Upgraded with a 1600 cubic cm engine (instead of a 1500) for improved performance.
  • Delivered new to Max Hoffman’s dealership in New York the 4th of November 1954.

This model is one of the first built, to be specific, the 58th according to its chassis number. The car was delivered new to Max Hoffman’s dealership in New-York on the 4th of November 1954. Originally, the car was painted in signal red with a black leather interior. The car stayed in the US until 2011. After that, the car was repatriated to Europe to its new owner.

Now, the car is painted in a stylish dark grey with a tobacco color interior. The car was renovated in the 90’s with the installation of new front and rear bumpers and a sport camshaft. The original 1500 cm3 engine has been replaced to a better one: a 1600 cm3 type 616/1 T5 motor from a 1961 356 B, which allow the car to improved driving performances.

This car is, with no doubt, the Porsche emblematic model, and this is why it is one of the most popular car amongst collectors.

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James Dean passion’s was cars and automobile race. He went at a lot of competitions. His every day car was the white Porsche Speedster of 1955.